In this nail-biting psychological thriller, Alfie and Claire Daniels appear to be a perfect couple, living a near-perfect life together in Fulham, an affluent area of London. Thanks to the generosity of Claire’s wealthy father, Mick, they’re able to maintain an upscale lifestyle there with little effort on their own part. His lavish gifts include the lovely home they live in, the Range Rover they drive, and a recent vacation in Cannes. But since Claire likes to work, she’s enjoying a fulfilling career as a partner in a design firm. And Alfie works as an estate agent, which suits his needs nicely.

At a gathering of family and friends for Claire’s birthday, Alfie sings a love song he wrote for Claire in front of everyone. And although she thinks it’s a bit sappy, she’s touched by his unwavering devotion to her and profoundly grateful. How did she get so lucky as to land the perfect man of her dreams?

The only thing missing from the Daniels’ lives is a child, and they’ve been trying very hard to conceive one. So Claire is horribly disappointed when, two days late on her period and totally sure she’s pregnant, her home pregnancy test comes up negative.

They’ve been trying for a pregnancy for two years, so after crying in Alfie’s arms, Claire decides to consult a fertility specialist. After an examination and tests, Dr. Singh tells Claire everything looks normal with her and suggests that Alfie come in for testing.

Without checking with her husband, Claire schedules an appointment for him with Dr. Singh, and that’s when their perfect lives begin to unravel. Because Alfie is hiding a deep, dark secret…

Without giving too much away, I’ll only say that Claire goes missing at one point, and when the authorities are called in issues of infidelity rear their ugly heads on both sides.

Told in alternating points of view of Claire and Alfie, a fascinating web of duplicity and sociopathic behavior emerges. The characters seem authentic and believable, and lead us willingly along their sinuous path.

Online dating, identity theft, burner phones, and texting are used in clever ways. Plot twists abound, and moral boundaries are cunningly blurred. Guaranteed to make you think twice about who you’re sharing your bed with.

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Kristy Dark


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  1. I’m actually a big Alex Lake fan, but I haven’t had a chance to read The Last Lie Yet. I’m so swamped with work, but after reading your write-up, it’s moving to the top of my list now! How would you say that this one compares to Lake’s other books? 


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