LONG ROAD TO MERCY by David Baldacci is a high-stakes political thriller that challenges us to pay attention to the ways news and power can be manipulated.

FBI Special Agent Atlee Pine is tough as a box of nails, but her heart’s in the right place when it comes to the people she loves. Like her twin sister Mercy, abducted when they were both six, whom she’s memorialized with tattoos on her body and a permanent home in her psyche.

The story begins with a wallop, with Atlee seeking answers to her sister’s unsolved disappearance at ADX Florence, a federal supermax prison where some of the world’s most dangerous human predators are incarcerated. Then segues to a new case Special Agent Pine is called to investigate.

Currently the sole agent at the FBI’s Shattered Rock, Arizona resident agency, Pine’s main jurisdiction is the Grand Canyon. Now when a pack mule is killed and mutilated at the bottom of the Canyon and a visiting tourist goes missing, the case falls squarely in Atlee Pine’s lap.

The missing man is Benjamin Priest, who appears to have connections to the intelligence community – perhaps an operative for one of the top alphabet agencies.

But nothing is as it seems…

And as Pine works the case Thelma-and-Louise-like with her loyal assistant Carol Blum, not knowing who in their own government or even their own agency can be trusted, the suspense ratchets higher and higher.

Because countless lives may be at stake, and the fate of democracy in America as we know it.

You can’t go wrong with a David Baldacci thriller. He always keeps your heart thumping and those pages turning lightning-fast. The Grand Canyon setting is alluring, and tough gal with a wounded heart Agent Atlee Pine makes a solid, intriguing debut in this thrilling new series.

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