Juliana Brody, a judge in the Superior Court of Massachusetts, is attending a legal convention in Chicago. Having just given a well-received speech in front of 500 of her colleagues a couple of hours earlier, she’s still amped up and trying to unwind on a hotel rooftop terrace. The night is warm and lovely, and she already has downed a potent drink. So when a strikingly handsome stranger approaches her, she’s somewhat off her game.

Matías Sanchez is not only attractive and charming, he’s sensual and sensitive as well. And Juliana, who’s married with two children, normally would resist his charms. But for once she decides to shed her usual good girl persona like a scratchy snake skin and become someone else. Just for one night.

Putting her better judgment on hold, Juliana unleashes her wilder side and engages in a passionate all-night fling with Matías. Afterward they both agree it’s something that will never happen again.

But unfortunately Juliana’s indiscretion was captured on video and now someone’s threatening to release it publicly, doing irretrievable damage to her marriage, family, and career. And when she pushes back against the blackmailer’s demands, she discovers there’s even more at stake… her own survival, and that of everyone she holds dear.

Judge Juliana Brody is a compelling character. Both sensitive and strong, with wellsprings of hidden passion and a deeply ingrained desire to be a good person and do the right thing. And authentic as hell… kudos to Finder for getting all the details right.

Thought-provoking legal and moral issues abound. And it’s fascinating to enter the world of a superior court judge and go behind the scenes – especially with a woman holding the gavel. Again, the details feel authentic, and from Finder’s acknowledgments it’s clear he’s done extensive research.

The stakes keep getting higher, the tension constantly ratcheting up. And there are plenty of hair-raising twists and turns, making for an E-ticket ride.

So come and take a sneak peek under the robe and behind the bar, and root for this “Lady Justice” to knock her adversaries on their asses. We’ll see you in court!

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Thrillingly yours,

Kristy Dark


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