THE SUMMER OF MY ENLIGHTENMENT is a twisty, turny psychological thriller novel that’ll keep those pages turning!

FIFTY SHADES OF GREY meets Carlos Castaneda’s scary true tales of sorcery…

California girl Angie Vitelli encounters enigmatic spiritual celebrity Luciano Donatti (Luke) when his girlfriend tragically falls to her death from the train they’re traveling on between Venice and Rome.

Soon afterward they reconnect at a seminar Luke is conducting in the U.S., and he asks Angie to become his private student for the entire summer. Her training will consist of yoga, martial arts, and something he calls “The Mystical Path.” But she has to agree to three conditions: (1) she has to do everything Luke asks, without question; (2) she can’t tell anyone where she is; and (3) she has to remain with him for the entire summer, no matter what she hears or sees.

Luke’s impressive knowledge and skills, charisma, and physical appeal intrigue Angie so much that she accepts his offer. But as her training takes unexpected and terrifying twists and turns, she starts to question what his real endgame is.

Light and love… or the darkest midnight of the soul?

Hope you enjoy my thriller novel THE SUMMER OF MY ENLIGHTENMENT, and I’d love to hear from you!

Thrillingly yours,

Kristy Dark


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